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Everything you need before and during competition

Panoply means "a complete set of weapons and armor." It is derived from the ancient Greek term for the equipment Hoplite soldiers carried in battle.

We strive to provide a complete set of services to meet your strategic growth, business development, and intelligence analysis needs.


Due Diligence

Protect your most valuable assets- Time and Reputation

Panoply's due diligence service provides a complete vulnerability assessment to you and your clients. Our proprietary Due Diligence Procedure assesses your risk across a range of vulnerability criteria (possibility of fraud, unethical practices, reliability of supply sourcing, risk to reputation, etc.) tailored to your business concerns. Our team of threat analysts uses commercial database searching and open web information to develop the target entity's internet signature and provide an initial profile to you. We further assess for any red flags and advise you on potential mitigation steps. Panoply's team of ground agents can then move to multiple forms of direct and indirect engagement with the targeted entity in order to improve your understanding of any potential business partner while assessing their honesty and integrity. In a final step, our team conducts a validation interview with your targeted entity. All information is documented and provided back to you in the form of a complete analysis of risks to your business. And we maintain perfect confidentiality to all parties involved throughout the process. 

Researching and Writing

Business Development

Partnerships, Proposals, and Planning for the Federal Marketplace

Panoply can help your firm create and track a pipeline of Federal Market opportunities. We help companies understand opportunities based on our years of direct experience with intelligence, law enforcement, and training clients. If you are exploring the federal market for the first time or looking at emerging markets, Panoply can help you focus on the best opportunities for your business. We do more than talk in circles. We concentrate on immediate, practical recommendations to begin to make progress toward your goals.


Intelligence Analysis

Know Your Opposition

Leaders need to make real decisions in real time. Intelligence Analysis supports decision makers in active operations and businesses. Panoply provides a deep background in complex intelligence analysis. Beyond simply the ability to use analytical tools, our approach is based on traditional, structured intelligence methodology. We can provide strategic planning sessions that utilize these techniques, or design a system for immediate notification of risks or threats to your business or mission. We have supported criminal investigations, criminal prosecution and defense counsel, active warfighting missions, as well as private sector clients. Panoply brings national level intelligence analysis capabilities to you.

Chess Pieces

Business Operations for Non Profits

Grants Management and Administration

Panoply provides business process, writing, and grant management services for select non-profit organizations. Our experience with the federal contracting process will shed light on complex and compliance-oriented grant applications. Before, during, and after your grants are awarded, Panoply can help. 

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